Looking for remote Closer! Legit Deal - Private Placement
Looking for remote Closer! Legit Deal - Private Placement
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mariel cruz Miércoles 6 de Mayo del año 2020 / 18:56

                                                  This Private Placement has been filled with the SEC. This is not any Private Placement but the next Unicorn´s 1st round of financing. If you don´t know what that means, think about it as when Google, Amazon or Apple where a Startup.

This is a "high ticket" sale, minum Investment $10K, typical $26K.

Typical Load $26K - $52K.

Make 10% on loads, 15% on new deals.

With loads alone you can make over $3K per month.

If you´re a good closer you can make Over $10K (NO BS) per month (from month 2 going forward)

NO BASE SALARY, NO DRAW --- Perfomers only!



1. No Junkies

2. Native english speaker or native level

3. Able to work without supervision

4. Proven ability to close

5. Fill out the form below

If you believe you can close, you´re not a junkie, and you can support yourself for a few weeks before you can close a couple of deals please apply online:

1. fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/EY6fyCF2msneZFoA8

2. Let us know through Whatsapp that you have filled out the form: +1(833)930-2161

mariel cruz ( marielcruz575gmail.com )


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